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Each and every one of you are so important to our industry—whether you are working directly with the cattle, keeping the records, preparing meals for the hungry crew, or working outside the home and ranch to help support your lifestyle.

You are needed by the Idaho CattleWomen Council because what you do definitely makes a difference.

If you can change just one person’s perception of the beef industry, whether it be on a major controversial issue or what to serve for supper, you have helped us all. By becoming a member of the Idaho Cattlewomen Council, you have taken a step to guarantee a stronger future for the cattle business.

For more information on uniting together to educate others and promote Idaho’s beef industry, contact

The current dues structure is similar to that adopted in 2002, with $20 getting you voting privileges for the ICWC and $150 ensures a vote in both the ICWC and the ICA. The ICWC is also represented on the Idaho Beef Council. Every three years, the ICWC nominates two outstanding members to serve on the IBC board. The Governor then appoints one of those nominees to serve a three year term on the IBC Board of Directors. Jodie Mink is the current ICWC representative for the IBC.


If you or anyone you know is interested in joining the ICWC and/or ICA, click here for the online membership form (select either voting or non-voting membership to learn more information).