My First County Fair ~ Day 1


Charlie and Sadie

Hi! My name is Sadie. I’m 9 years old and I’m excited to be old
enough this year to be in 4-H and take a steer to the county fair.

My steer’s name is Charlie and he is very gentle. His breed is Hereford Angus Limousin. I wanted to show a steer because I like cows and a lot of my family does it so I wanted to try it too.


My Grandpa and I picked out my steer.

I got Charlie from my Grandpa’s ranch in Oakley. I picked him out in December and then he came to our place in March. For the first few months, I just took care of him by feeding him grain and hay.

At the first of July, we started wetting him down and brushing his hair every night. Once a week, we gave him a full body wash. I also started walking him around and setting him up with a show stick. Then we started blowing his hair in August. I also have a spare steer named Buddy, but I’m not going to take him to the fair.

Our county fair starts this week. On Monday, we cleaned out our beef barn at the fairgrounds, spread out sawdust for the steers to lay on, and put decorations up.


Putting up decorations and getting stalls ready.

I also have a cooking project that my mom teaches. I made Raspberry White Chocolate Chip Cookies. They were delicious. I can’t wait to see what ribbon I get!

I’m excited and a little nervous about this week. I’m going to write a little each day about my experiences. I hope you like reading about my week at the fair!

We’re excited to share posts this week from a little guest blogger. Please check back daily to read more about Sadie’s adventures at her first county fair. So many life lessons occur when children have the responsibility of taking care of an animal. And talk about the family memories

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