Taking Pride in Our Product

BQA_chooserightsizeneedle BQA_kidslearningtovaccinateCattlemen take great pride in raising a safe, wholesome and nutritious product. As part of our son’s senior project, he hosted a Beef Quality Assurance workshop at our ranch this summer. With the assistance of our county beef extension educator, producers and 4-H kids from our area received a refresher course on vaccine storage, handling and administration, livestock handling and record keeping. At the end of the workshop participants were give an exam and earned a three-year BQA certification.

The event was also a great opportunity to visit with our neighbors to discuss kids, cattle, grass and all our other many blessings. We appreciate our friends and neighbors who took time out of their Sunday to support our son’s senior project and hopefully gained some additional knowledge to improve the quality of product that they are raising.


~ Megan

Megan lives with her husband and three sons on a multi-generational cow-calf ranch in south central Idaho. She was raised on a small cattle operation and developed a love for the land and livestock at a young age.

“My favorite part of being a cattle producer is knowing, as the last calf is loaded on the semi, that you have done all you can to care for your animals and land, and both are in good condition. If you take care of them, they will take care of you.” she says.

Megan spends her spare time working and playing with her family, reading, gardening, fishing and watching her sons play football.


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