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Sunrise Reminder


I couldn’t get anything done this morning. . .the kid’s breakfast was put on hold, lunch ingredients stayed on the counter, coffee cooled. This sunrise made me stop in my tracks as I silently watched the sky explode in colors and dimensions. The cows started their morning movements of grazing, finding calves, moving from their bed ground. The fall ground fog hinted at much needed moisture seeping into the ground. It was spectacular.



So, why is this “blog worthy”?

Because it reminded me that much of this life remains out of my control. I worried fitfully in my sleep of cows coming in from the desert thinner than expected as a result of a dry summer. I felt my mind not turning off, but thinking through the night of things that needed “fixed”. I find that much of the time in this livestock business, one continually finds things to be “fixed”; some are individual, some are regional, some are international, some are intentional, some are perceptional.

And then, I witness something tangible that says, “Things are in control; no need to worry.”


~ Julie

Julie and her family own a cow-calf, yearling operation and custom feedlot in southwest Idaho. She and her husband were raised on livestock ranches and their industry roots run deep. Their children have been very active and involved in the ranch and feedlot, and are developing their own herds of quality cattle.

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