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ICA Convention Recap

Yes, we realize it’s already the end of January, but the year is still young, right?! No time like the present to just jump right in. We’re sharing some highlights from the ICA Convention in Sun Valley. There were many entries in the annual photo contest. We had a great turnout of women who came to the ICWC social and meeting. UI students served Finger Steaks as part of some ongoing research in meat science. Gwenna Prescott completed her term as Council Chairwoman, and Maggie Malson stepped into her role. Tay Brackett also joined the ICA board as ICWC representative. We also gave away the saddle and headstall to two lucky winners. All the proceeds from the saddle raffle go to help deserving Idaho students receive scholarships. Thanks to Anita Miller for all her hard work on the saddle committee. Gov. Little also stopped by to visit and answer questions.



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Gettin’ the Heck Out of Dodge

I just returned home from an amazing three days in Sun Valley at the Idaho Cattle Association Convention. It had been more than ten years since our family had been to a Convention, so I was wondering how much had changed. Fortunately, only the venue from Sun Valley Lodge to Sun Valley Inn was different. The good people remain the same regardless of the years. The Convention’s theme was innovative. . .”Not your Grandad’s Industry.” That was an understatement with the current market conditions. The speakers and agenda were thought-provoking with some interesting trends. I kept thinking that it wasn’t Grandad’s industry, but it will be our children’s industry. The time away from the ranch and its demands gave me time to think and plan and question. The current topics and statistics were important to me as we strive to inform our consumers about our product.


ICA Convention Materials & Notes for my report to the Weiser River Cattle Association meeting.

On the drive back home over the Camas Prairie, I realized that “getting the heck out of Dodge” is very necessary, especially in ranching. We’ve never really taken a “vacation” in 30 years of marriage. If we did get away for more than 24 hours, the event was generally tied to cattle or kids. But, that has been the interesting part; to travel to something or somewhere that rejuvenates your passion.


The Trail Cook looks just like me when I wonder what we’ll have for supper. . .something with Beef, of course!


Remington originals. . .Wow.


The Ranch Life exhibit at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, which explains not only our past, but does an excellent job of showing what we do today.

On a recent college visitation trip to Kansas and Oklahoma, my daughter, Dana, and I took an afternoon to explore the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City. What an amazing tribute to our industry, its heritage and art. I was thankful we took the extra time to visit it.

Although I have lots of laundry, a basketball game and cows to feed today, I feel ready to tackle the demands with a bit more energy. It was great “gettin’ out of Dodge,” but it’s really good to be home.

~ Julie

Julie and her family own a cow-calf, yearling operation and custom feedlot in southwest Idaho. She and her husband were raised on livestock ranches and their industry roots run deep. Their children have been very active and involved in the ranch and feedlot, and are developing their own herds of quality cattle.

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