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30 Days of Women in Ag: Recap

Wow! It’s December 2015! How have we reached the end of the year already?! We just completed our first Women in Ag Blog Series and want to say thanks to all who read, commented, shared and participated. We are grateful for the support! For every woman featured, there are a couple hundred more that are also contributing in unique and different ways to help bring food and fiber to the rest of us. We look forward to sharing more stories of Women in Ag in the months to come. For now, we hope you will continue following us as we share the story of agriculture from Idaho Cattlewomen. Following is a collection of links to recap our month.

Day 1: Women in Ag: Idaho CattleWomen Chair, Robin Lufkin

Day 2: Women in Ag: Idaho Agriculture Director, Celia Gould

Day 3: Women in Ag: UI Research Technician, Megan Satterwhite

Day 4: Women in Ag: Weiser Cattlewoman, Julie Kerner

Day 5: Women in Ag: Camas Prairie Cowgirl, Diana Graning

Day 6: Women in Ag: Agriculture Devotee, Christie Prescott

Day 7: Women in Ag: ICA Board Member, Dawn Anderson

Day 8: Women in Ag: Simplot Land Manager, Darcy Helmick

Day 9: Women in Ag: Rangeland Resource Commission Director, Gretchen Hyde

Day 10: Women in Ag: Idaho Purebred Breeder, Maureen Mai

Day 11: Women in Ag: Trade Specialist, Leah Clark 

Day 12: Women in Ag: Social Media Savvy Cowgirl, Chyenne Smith

Day 13: Women in Ag: Natural Resources Policy Advisor, Karen Williams

Day 14: Women in Ag: Range Management Specialist, Brooke Jacobson

Day 15: Women in Ag: Cowboy Girl, Jayme Thompson

Day 16: Women in Ag: All-Around Ranch Wife, Trish Dowton

Day 17: Women in Ag: Small Town Superwoman, Jodie Mink

Day 18: Women in Ag: Livestock Marketing Communicator, Kim Holt

Day 19: Women in Ag: All-Around Cattleman, Jessie Jarvis

Day 20: Women in Ag: Idaho Cattle Association President, Laurie Lickley

Day 21: Women in Ag: County Extension Agent, Sarah Baker

Day 22: Women in Ag: Corporate Marketing Specialist, Alethea Prewett

Day 23: Women in Ag: ICA Membership and Productions Manager, Dawn Schooley

Day 24: Women in Ag: Top Hand, Kara Kraich Smith

Day 25: Women in Ag: Animal Health Territory Manager, Carmen Stevens

Day 26: Women in Ag: Fourth Generation Rancher, Sarah Helmick

Day 27: Women in Ag: Ag Communications Professional, Maggie Malson

Day 28: Women in Ag: Rural-Loving Ranch Wife, Tay Brackett

Day 29: Women in Ag: Cattle Industry Champion, Ramona Karas

Day 30: Women in Ag: Rancher and Everyday Agvocate, Linda Rider

Please feel free to continue sharing these stories, and if you have any comments or questions about future Women in Ag posts, please contact us at info@idahocattlewomen.org.



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Meet an Idaho CattleWoman ~ JRT

Hi there! Whether you’re a cattlewoman, beef consumer or just happened to stumble upon this blog, we’re so very happy to have you here! My name is Jessie, and ranching is in my blood. Literally. I’m the third generation to live and work on my family’s cattle ranch, which is about an hour outside of Boise. We have a cow-calf operation, so that means we focus on raising mamas and babies. The majority of our cows are black, but we’ve got a few red ones here and there.

A fresh baby from this past calving season.

A fresh baby from this past calving season.

I haven’t always lived on the ranch. In fact, I spent six years away, before coming home. I went to college and received a degree in Business Administration, and had a really great job directing the communications for a statewide interest/policy group that focuses solely on Idaho’s cattle industry. But I realized something was missing. After contemplating about what I should do, I finally realized the answer was pretty simple. I packed up my stuff, and relocated to the same small town I grew up in.

Overlooking the little spot I get to call “home.”

Overlooking the little spot I get to call “home.”

So far I’ve been home for seven months, and I can honestly say that I’ve never been happier. I find it so rewarding to know that each day our family business is in a better place because of the work I put in. Its especially important to keep this little ranch going and growing, because its the place where my own “someday family” will be raised. Speaking of which, these days when I’m not tasked with ranching, I spend my days wedding planning!

JJengagement I plan on posting a little bit about everything; ranch happenings, recipes (more than likely of the beef variety), and what its like to have the life of a cattlewoman! I’m also currently working on a few DIY wedding projects; some of which, I’ll be sure to share!

Thanks again for stopping by, and be sure to check back often! J.

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